Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro

  • Thomas F.
    Thomas F.

    This car in Canada would be a huge it. Affordable, small and urban friendly 4x4 for those winter months

  • markiejonze

    It is loveable, something about the proportions look so right. Old school 1990s Japan tech.

  • Michael Murray
    Michael Murray

    TLX!! TLX!! TLX

  • PokeDrive 17
    PokeDrive 17

    Chick Hicks .. Cars 1 & 3

  • Justin0765

    Always a good time if you've ever worked total loss auto claims...

  • Mikester S
    Mikester S

    The head bobbing will hypnotize you into watching far more of this than one should.

  • Savagepatchkiddd

    I think Doug demuro is weird and quirky

  • Rolf de V
    Rolf de V

    I think Doug is interacting with the wrong people a lot. This and the car debt video assumes we are a bit dumb. Like the $40k $43k examples at the start of this video. What rational person actually thinks mods increase resale value 1:1?

  • jen zydyk
    jen zydyk

    Car enthusiasm is irrational. Everything this huckster says is irrational. No vehicle is worth more than $5k. Anything more is money down the toilet

  • Gonzalo Cuervo
    Gonzalo Cuervo

    The Samurai never went away.

  • pmullen

    The new section titles / text across the top are pretty cool, but those side views don't fit your style. I greatly prefer the straight-on view you used to have. The images that move across the bottom are "fine." Edit: Also, probably would be a good idea to put some sound absorbing panels on the wall you're facing to absorb echoes. Keep up the great work. Love your videos!

  • waterzap99

    Didn't Consumer Reports kill off the last one with fake reporting?

  • Andrew McClintock
    Andrew McClintock

    Two-camera Doug?!?

  • Walter Heukels
    Walter Heukels

    Adding more cameras does not increase the value of your video

  • Tom Wiech
    Tom Wiech

    When did Doug stop wearing 2 shirts?

  • JonoZ

    wait?? cupholders are an excessory to young city people who kinda sorta need a truck? i guess they are confused...

  • Elijah Kleehammer
    Elijah Kleehammer

    Editing is always enjoyable, second camera angle feels unnatural.

  • Schoute

    I love the new graphics you're trying out, but not a fan of the second camera angle tbh.

  • Jack Strood
    Jack Strood

    Ooh, Side shot

  • Kevin Raney
    Kevin Raney

    Doug should have put the will reading scene from Eastwood's Grand Torino. That should drive the point home no sweat.

  • Terrance Kowalchuk
    Terrance Kowalchuk

    One shirt and two camera angles? You've sold out man... You used to be cool. Haha

  • Gus634

    I would HATE to see someone modding an S2K

  • jbarah05

    To be honest depending on the mods you can wear stuff out prematurely. Stop asking 30 k over blue book because of the mods you overpaid for.

  • Borocamo

    I know this very well. But I still mod my cars knowing it will be a loss in the end

  • :D

    14:11 ah yes, the calming sounds of a toilet flushing


    Imagine pulling up next to the Jimny in a Prius but to only get dusted by one🤦

  • Billy Ross
    Billy Ross

    Yes I said it years ago if they brought this to the USA I would buy one

  • Fouad Khattar
    Fouad Khattar

    Wtf he has a new camera angle? That's really new

  • Peter Condie
    Peter Condie

    This should be addressed to every idiot who makes a squatted truck or stances their BRZ/86

  • M1ndzor

    Doug is now 2 camera guy. But he never looks at the second camera. Except when he throws a glance at it occasionally.

  • C-Martz

    I would check one out at CNC but they have left town overnight🤭

  • Gabe S
    Gabe S

    bro how does the old tt look good at all😐

  • Kiran “Kiran” Muthappa
    Kiran “Kiran” Muthappa

    The gif's though are hilarious!

  • Kiran “Kiran” Muthappa
    Kiran “Kiran” Muthappa

    The whole two camera panning thing is a bit strange.... at least for me

  • Mr. Sang
    Mr. Sang

    Blame fake news for Suzuki's demise in America. The unfair misinformation the Suzuki Samurai suffered from the hands of a mainstream magazine, killed the chance of Suzuki.

  • Mo-hammad Abunaser
    Mo-hammad Abunaser

    This video has been heavily modified.. take a step back with the extra effects lol

  • Darius de Laurentiis
    Darius de Laurentiis

    This. I agree with this so much. One of the cars I want the most is a stock 1971 Nissan Skyline 4-door sedan but most them have been tuned to hell and back and just look hideous. I'd like to buy a stock Skyline sedan, not have to buy someone else's ricer and spend money stripping off the tuner parts and hunting down original parts.

  • Prodriver33

    I love the deep sound this car has, so unlike most V12’s. It sounds a lot like toyotas V12 from the Century

  • Juan Zuniga
    Juan Zuniga

    Wow a camera on you at all times making it easier for the government

  • Robert van Deventer
    Robert van Deventer

    So pleased you reviewed this car. Growing up in Europe this car represented a design stage for Alfa. There was the 75, 55 and a 30, all really square. Not as ugly as this one though. Always wanted to know what they were like!

  • Short And Simple
    Short And Simple

    Ever since that one guy said this channels Edits and Videos quality were horrible doug took notice and improved. Well done doug

  • C C
    C C

    Can you do an episode of misinformed car values? For example corvettes, owners think they are worth more than they actually are. This is due to “my car is one of 500 with silver spur paint, with the black race stripes, ash tray delete, and flag logo seats”.

  • Prodriver33

    When I bang my watch against a $160,000usd Ferrari I enjoy the LEATHER band NOT scratching the paint.

  • Kamill Gran
    Kamill Gran

    Is it legal to own one in America?

  • Charan Kumar
    Charan Kumar

    K backside N

  • Richard Andrade
    Richard Andrade

    As an English teacher in Brazil, listening to Doug criticizing and making fun of the wording and punctuation of what non-natives come up with to describe their cars features, names, brand, manual stuff, etc, is an extra entertainment to me. We think we are rocking with our choices until... Doug unapologetically lets us know better.

  • Mark Milanes
    Mark Milanes

    Lesson here. Keep the car well maintained and very clean. Not really worth spending big $$ on mods if you plan on selling.

  • Kamill Gran
    Kamill Gran

    Why doesn’t America get some of the coolest cars in the world? Over in Asia and Europe one gets to see all kinds interesting and quirky cars, including some American cars and yet we never get them over here.

  • Pritesh Ruthun
    Pritesh Ruthun

    Shitty little car with zero refinement and no torque. Fit Boosterjet!

  • zepcrazyfre

    $30K + $10K = $40K????? Bitch what smhlmao this generation of people is so needy, pathetic and stupid.

  • Queen of Sheba
    Queen of Sheba

    Yes .. specially engine and power modification.. 👻👍

  • James Downie
    James Downie

    Suzuki don't sell it in the UK any more because it does not conform to the euro 5 or euro 6 emissions regulations. You can't even buy second hand ones for love nor money here any more! Suzuki need to get their act together!!

  • TED Schmitt
    TED Schmitt

    It amuses me how some people think that THEIR tastes in vehicular modifications are the same as EVERYONE else’s tastes.😂😂😂

  • Eusebio Escelante
    Eusebio Escelante

    Why you upload the video to Doug Demuro instead of More Doug by mistake!

    • Gabe Arseneau
      Gabe Arseneau

      I think he abandoned the other channel

  • YGO Brandon
    YGO Brandon

    Whoa did we get two camera angles! Noice

  • Nevarnost

    11:03 that Italian Plate comes from a '04 blue Toyota Yaris 1.0 16V 5 door hatcback 😁👌

  • 09RadBoy

    The back seats are kinda for your dog tbh..

  • Joseph Moreno
    Joseph Moreno

    A Miata with a hardtop increase a junk of value

  • Arwyn

    I want one

  • Peren barn
    Peren barn

    Mods are matter of taste. A mod that is worth something to you will not be worth something to someone else. keep the palette clean. be a real automobile purist and become god in heaven.

  • asterixxer

    Doug: The rear Window which is konkav: Its because it helps against dirt and rain. When you drive the wind "clean" the window.

  • Mark Walton
    Mark Walton

    It needs to go off road to show it's true capabilities. It's not meant to be comfortable.

  • Itsa Mea
    Itsa Mea

    How can you make it through this entire review with no mention of Samurai? There are tons of styling cues taken from the Samurai including the instrument cluster he speaks of.


    I remember founding an E46 M3 that had cfrp roof and some tasteful mods the bid for it went over 93k but not sure if it was sold.

  • Matthew Vizcaino
    Matthew Vizcaino

    0:06 kinda like how you don't want to admit to yourself that paying month-to-month for a car is better financially than having the money to pay it outright

  • codyford18

    I'm definitely the target for this. I drive 100 miles every day and rarely need a truck. Pretty excited for this!

  • George-Florin Constantin
    George-Florin Constantin

    Soooo, this was basically a badge-swapped Suzuki Swift? Suzuki sold these in Europe in the '90s and they were on par with the Ford Fiesta, reliability-wise. These (the 4 door hatchback version) are still on the roads in my country right now. That is quite impressive for 25 year-old cars.

  • BMW Royal
    BMW Royal

    It depends on what car, a stock e36 vs a single turbo e36 with a roll cage, lsd, tons of suspension work will, sell for more, not saying it will equal to what the mods are worth

  • Kenny

    To get rich in life, you need to spend less and invest more. You don't expect to spend 90%, invest 10% and sit to make more wealth.

    • Johnny

      Yeah, but what lucrative business or job would one venture into right now?

    • Dig in Crypto
      Dig in Crypto

      @Muffins I think this is a truth that must be told to ourselves and generations to come.

    • Dig in Crypto
      Dig in Crypto

      Wow! Wise words you've spoken, I'm quite impressed ..... Bravo 👏👏

    • Muffins

      You're absolutely right, your words really caught my attention.

  • Lupi Cineo
    Lupi Cineo

    Spicy with the new camera angle

  • Paul Sz
    Paul Sz

    At 3:52 : “ we’ll start with the steering wheel, which is a circle”.... radical concepts by Mazda here, Doug.. Did he expect it to be rotary-shaped??

  • Princess Twilight Sparkle
    Princess Twilight Sparkle

    Chevy Suburban

  • Elite Envisionary
    Elite Envisionary

    Seeing Doug from that side camera view felt so uncomfortable

  • Bongani Ncala
    Bongani Ncala

    Great little off road car, a very capable off roader. Man you need to check theshoot out between the Jimny and Mercedes G Wagon on carwow with Mat Watson. And here South Africa it sells well & mostly used in off roading. I love the Jimny.

  • Leon Silver
    Leon Silver

    I once bought an older beater VW Polo. Guy sold it to me in a decent shape for 500€. The first thing I did was switch out the stereo to a modern touchscreen one with CarPlay bought it for like 200€ online. Sold the car 5 months later for 1200€. The mod effectively increased the net value of the car by 100%.

  • julio Hassan
    julio Hassan

    cars&bids must be doing really good for doug to do different camera angles!

  • Dutch Parisien
    Dutch Parisien

    Whoooo, 2 cameras

  • Niels Heinen
    Niels Heinen

    Great video but I do think the camera switching and cartoons distract from the content.

  • George Abitbol
    George Abitbol

    If you can put your hand on a Dacia/Renault Duster, I'm pretty sure you gonna like it