The 2021 BMW Alpina XB7 Is a 600-Horsepower Luxury Family SUV


Alpina XB7 review! The BMW Alpina XB7 is a family SUV that's also a high-performance monster with over 600 horsepower -- and a luxury SUV with great features. Today I'm reviewing the 2021 Alpina XB7 and I'll show you all the quirks and features of the XB7. I'll also drive the Alpina XB7 and show you what it's like on the road.


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  • zohan ali
    zohan ali

    there the x7 m50ibut ita not like a proper M suv like the bme x5M

  • Jeremy Vela
    Jeremy Vela

    Please Review a ALPINA B7

  • Joel Aquino
    Joel Aquino

    hey, Doug can you do a video about the original vw bug from the 60s-70s pretty please!!!

  • vaughn amir.
    vaughn amir.

    My dream fleet: Bentley Flying Spur, Bentley Continental GTC, BMW Alpina XB7, and Range Rover Autobiography. Edit: And I'll be driven in a Cadillac Escalade.

  • duccioh

    We can’t be talking about climate crisis and keep making these things

  • jack Johnson
    jack Johnson

    Ill keep my X5 for a few more years until it starts falling apart

  • Force Sensitive
    Force Sensitive

    I wish BMW would start doing proper infotainment screens in the main front cabin.

  • deja vu
    deja vu

    is it just me or is that SUV HUGE!


    Rich people's dogs are very spoiled.

  • Piumi Nadeesha
    Piumi Nadeesha

    Bmw xb7 is better than audi rsq8..... and bmw idrive is the best ❤

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius

    god this car looks ugly af. from the grill to proportions this looks like it was designed by people from lada

  • Tom Hanley
    Tom Hanley

    BIDEN IS A TOTAL WASTE,,trump had things right

  • Anders Michelsen
    Anders Michelsen

    That rear brake....

  • Aditya Agarwal
    Aditya Agarwal

    Imagine going 0-60 in 6 sec while your kids are screen mirroring YT kids and playing with their power seats in the back.....

  • Ernest Komu
    Ernest Komu

    Why on earth would Doug have that hideous Tesla in the line up talking about performance SUVs? It neither resembles an SUV nor has a punchy V8 in its guts. Smh

  • Reza Sarikhani
    Reza Sarikhani

    I want it🥲

  • E Double
    E Double

    I wonder how much leg room is in the 3rd row. If he went over that I missed it.

  • Mustafa Ghadban
    Mustafa Ghadban

    At 10:30. Who noticed the front seat getting pushed forward when he pulled the latch

  • Beatus Diem
    Beatus Diem

    Take my money!!!😍

  • Mark Biggin
    Mark Biggin

    A total Hat Trick Doug ! I currently own an older X5 & Love the product . Just as an idea - I was wondering if their is going to be a comparison video with the more Exclusive cousin , the RR Cullinan ? kind of a friendly Family Cla$$$hing !

  • Hey Now
    Hey Now

    Hey BMW, less tech more long term reliability. Only a fool would buy your vehicles out of warranty.

    • Kristiāns Ozoliņš
      Kristiāns Ozoliņš

      just don’t buy one out of warranty... BMW doesn’t really care about the used market because they don’t make money of it anyway

  • Young Car Wiz
    Young Car Wiz

    Why are your scores so little 🤔

  • Laurence Goldkamp
    Laurence Goldkamp

    Working one summer for a local Homeless shelter, they were accepting donations one week and someone donated an 1970’s Alpina 6 series. I drove it a little but it wasn’t something I was allowed to purchase, unfortunately. It need some love but it worked.

  • Noah Jacobs
    Noah Jacobs

    Am I the only person who thinks the back looks like the Durango?

  • Alex Kabat
    Alex Kabat

    So you’re a Nationals fan eh?

  • Sandis Ābele
    Sandis Ābele

    Never been much of a BMW guy, but man is this X7 beautiful. Definitely the car I'd go with if I could afford one.

  • BH London
    BH London

    Thank god he pointed at the wheels otherwise I wouldn’t have known where to look

  • Jacob Rome
    Jacob Rome

    20:00 "first impressions is that its really X-cellent..."

  • Zachary Jones
    Zachary Jones

    No performance version of the Escalade? *Hennessey enters the chat*

  • matt9c1

    "The 2021 BMW Alpina XB7 Is a 600-Horsepower Luxury Family SUV"....that will break down all the time and leave you broke and miserable. Don't do it.

  • Eiliya Rabiei
    Eiliya Rabiei

    bmw entertainment system has been the best of all time

  • MassIIv ZerO
    MassIIv ZerO

    So basically it’s a X7 M50i but with Alpina badges, wheels, front and back modifications and hp changes. Interesting

  • Nathan Allen
    Nathan Allen

    Say you're a Rolls Royce Cullinan, without saying you're a Rolls Royce Cullinan.

  • Bobby Digital
    Bobby Digital

    8:31 what was that little streek that went across the seat?

  • Based? Based on what?
    Based? Based on what?

    I do not care about the cars and bids crap

  • Leon Maliniak
    Leon Maliniak

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  • ASAP Sinclair
    ASAP Sinclair

    Cars and bids new for years now

  • Anthony Bush
    Anthony Bush


  • Lbnewell 23
    Lbnewell 23

    I’ve always thought alpinas should be more popular because they’re literlly just more comfortable M cars but even more exclusive what’s not to love

  • insatiable2rossi

    Looks like a coffin carrier from the side, good thing I cant buy

  • Kajczy

    V8 for USA SUV buyers? and we have to accept fucking PHEV cars in EU to lower co2 ?? fuck logic :D I will push my car as much I can to try to derogate envirountment more , to be a bit closer to the level like americans do :D

  • FatCat 87
    FatCat 87

    Doug is the type of guy that watches his own ILcomp video and gives himself a Doug score on that video.

  • Andre Jmourko - Simcoe's Realtor
    Andre Jmourko - Simcoe's Realtor

    this car doesnt seem worth the money for me lol

  • Gavin Beere
    Gavin Beere

    O would so love if you did the Alpina 8-series I think its coming out soon or is out but it's very new

  • B i r b
    B i r b

    Friend: Hey man! Nice wheels on your BMW! Me: They're not wheels! They're ALPINA CS16 Per NFLTs, sty! GOSH!

  • Джон Партлов
    Джон Партлов

    I think the green stitching on the wheel is meant to correspond to the not present green alpina stripe that would be across the car it seems most the past b7s usually had green alpina script stripes down them

  • P P
    P P

    Oh yeah ur so quirky and tall

  • D S
    D S

    3:55. you're welcome

  • A. D.
    A. D.

    Why do they not offer Alpina decals on the side of the cars in North America???

  • Joel Ness
    Joel Ness

    5:16 Looking at the E30 was so soothing, and then BAM HORROR MOVIE JUMP CUT TO X7 FRONT END AAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  • Joel Ness
    Joel Ness

    Doug the type of guy to use "performancy" in casual conversation.


    Would love to see the rear sunroof being able to open. Still not sold on the two seats as looking at the big wedge of plastic on the floor. I am sure that someone could at least put a bit of thought into this bit. Definitely a challenger to the Range Rovers as they may have the best four wheel drive, but is let down with some stupid issues and some may not like to swap over to the BMW, but let’s not forget that Range Rover have never been challenged as much until now.

  • leborde

    OK, so you keep comparing this to an M version, but it is not at all. M is about sport, radically and, ultimately, it sacrifices on confort. Alpina is not. Alpina is more about performance but luxury oriented. For example, suspicions are tunes but for more comfort. On an Alpina, kids can sleep on the couch while you're driving 300 km/h (180mph); you can't do that on an M. Another example: the E39 M5 was manual, while the Alpina B10 was already having the in-steering tiptronic (soft button behind the wheel, not paddle shifters). The + and - were stitched on the wheel. And about the green stitching, it has always been the mark of Alpina. In fact, their default body colors are Alpinablau (bleu) and green. And when they do special versions, like B3 GT3, it comes green. Typically, an Alpina will be below an M in terms of pure perf (except Vmax where Alpina holds several records), but way above in terms of luxury, class and comfort. And all Alpina are normally coming with a serial number plaque in the cabin.

  • Kristofer Olai Ravn Stavseng
    Kristofer Olai Ravn Stavseng

    Even if there was an M version, I still think the Alpina is cooler.

  • dufus rufus
    dufus rufus

    Navigator and Escalade are full size SUVs. this B7 fits in the glove compartment of those cars

  • Jameson T
    Jameson T

    Man that's really ugly.

  • Paul Moore
    Paul Moore

    Clearly the average family WILL NOT be buying this. Only for the RICH !!

  • Paul Moore
    Paul Moore

    Its 150 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!! Geeesh

  • Vio SeVen
    Vio SeVen

    This is truly a great SUV. Buy it if you have the money.

  • Brian Dominguez
    Brian Dominguez

    What about the other button on the trunk?

  • Warren B
    Warren B

    I’ll wait 5 years and get one for 60% off.

  • Joel Nunez
    Joel Nunez

    BMW won't make an X7M but slap an M/// badge on almost anything else

  • GamersAlmanac

    It probably smells amazing in that car lol

  • Zach McCaa
    Zach McCaa

    I really love how Doug stays the same through fame and his following. He keeps the same format for videos only improving on them, and I really respect that about him

  • Atomic Penguin
    Atomic Penguin

    6:58 From Alpina's website: "The traditional colours of Blue and Green are irreversibly associated with our company." You can find examples of that in the stitching on some previous Alpina models but you can often see it was green AND blue interwoven - so two colours, not one like here.

  • IdaM ST
    IdaM ST

    bliiin well doug we are waiting for a review of the BMW IX well come on

  • Ruben Braekman
    Ruben Braekman

    I can't wait for these to drop 2/3 in value in 10 years... not that I could afford it anyway 😅

  • AversaS

    Soon, Doug will be a tech reviewer and not a vehicle reviewer with the way infotainment centers are going...

  • daniel Gordon
    daniel Gordon

    The buttons instead of shifters boggles me. Huge turnoff.

  • ldkm 2049
    ldkm 2049

    This car is way cooler being an Alpina. If it was an M it would be just another... nothing special

  • walentkane69

    very ugly car

  • Potato Camera
    Potato Camera


  • Maverick Buckley
    Maverick Buckley


  • Roswell Sponem
    Roswell Sponem

    Thats not as big as an escalade. Not even close. That's a Honda pilot unibody.

    • Doug• DeMuro•
      Doug• DeMuro•

      +_1 •6• 1 •9 •7 •3• 6• 9 •6• 5• 7

    • Doug• DeMuro•
      Doug• DeMuro•

      I'll show you more of an escalade, and you will be g.a.i.n.i.n.g a p.r.o.f.i.t.a.b.l.e. i.n.f.o, just t.e.x.t m.e

  • Cesar Villa
    Cesar Villa

    Yes how much will it be in 10 years?

  • Matt Hess
    Matt Hess

    4 ads in 10 minutes. What's up with that?

  • M M
    M M

    Silver plastic buttons and trims make this car look cheap af. Infotainment also has an ugly UI, looks cheap.

  • Pyrenees BMW
    Pyrenees BMW

    4:10 ahahah i laughed

  • footballcoreano

    wow i want to buy bmw alpina suv!!

    • Doug• DeMuro•
      Doug• DeMuro•

      +_1 •6• 1 •9 •7 •3• 6• 9 •6• 5• 7

    • Doug• DeMuro•
      Doug• DeMuro•

      T.e.x.t f.o.r. m.o.r.e

  • Anthony Molina
    Anthony Molina

    Hooive : in 5 years you’ll be mine

    • Anthony Molina
      Anthony Molina

      @Joel Nunez car wizard rubs hands together

    • Joel Nunez
      Joel Nunez

      "I have purchased the cheapest Alpina X7 in the US"

  • Thatguyujustmet

    If you buy one you can come pick it up at Plant Spartanburg here in SC. BMW will give you a free tour, hotel setup, dinner, and track day with M3s, X5s, etc. The next morning you drive home in your new car. Pretty cool stuff.

  • Thatguyujustmet

    That’s right boys, you can set your car to turn on the air conditioning by flicking it off.

  • Thatguyujustmet

    So Doug, instead of climbing between the pilot seats, moves them forward to climb in behind.

  • Sonny P
    Sonny P

    6:15 Too late for that. TBH, the "M" badge doesn't mean anything anymore. Just like TRD, Nismo, AMG, S, etc..

  • Aniounz FTW
    Aniounz FTW

    the green stitching is because alpina makes many green cars

  • Sheldon Miller
    Sheldon Miller

    I feel like this car is going to be so unreliable after 3 years and just end up as landfill. It seems so wasteful, it’s a shame car companies can contribute so much pollution and not, just for the sake of example, make something as reliable as an LS400 or 430 so that the vehicle is used for a much longer length of time.

  • MH0709

    Alpina are known to over-state the HP figures by a lot - I would be very surprised if this engine made 580HP, and guess it made nearer 560HP. However, the torque is better for normal driving. Nice that they put charging ports next to the drink holders! Idiots.

  • MrWolf2.0

    auto window would also be useful (if your too lazy to press a button) if you regularly go through a toll road that does not have an automated pass system

  • Jeremiah Allyn
    Jeremiah Allyn

    It must be so nice to be filthy rich 😒

  • Piotr Miller
    Piotr Miller

    What's more than 610HP? 611? 670?

  • VMEMotor5

    When he said "gesture" I thought he was going to say: "You don't have to flip off other drivers yourself. The Alpina will do it for you."

  • Fenze

    Yes another stupid and ugly bmw.

  • Captain

    The automatic window im sure is super useful when you arrive at work where you usually have to scan your ID tag or brick to open the garage door etc etc, or any other public garage door or gate that you frequent often

    • Captain

      @Darren Ham ok...

    • Darren Ham
      Darren Ham

      Yeah, cause pressing an auto down button is so difficult

    • Darren Ham
      Darren Ham

      Yeah, cause pressing an auto down button is so difficult


    10:29 The front passenger seat moved forward as he moved the second row

  • Jonas C
    Jonas C

    Got to be one of the ugliest bmws I've ever seen

  • 7071t6

    your full of total and utter BS doug, any SUV with its tail gate up you can sit on the back full stop?

  • 7071t6

    In less than 3 years the same SUV will be around 75K, depending on miles or kms on the clock, with average KM's or miles 75K + the massive amount of cost for parts and servicing costs as well? You need at least 10K each year just to make sure you can cover the costs of repairs, but more importantly not one person buys these cars they all lease them via BMW, so each new models is upgraded with minimal extra cost, plus tax shelter extras as well? ADD a extra 100K for amour protection as well. :)

  • sssnowday

    Hope you know you have a Montreal Expos' T !

  • Alan Here
    Alan Here

    I agree. If all cars had forward and rear facing dash cams, insurance rates would most likely drop quickly.

  • Michael H.
    Michael H.

    This car is dumb. There, I said it.