The Polestar 2 Is a Tesla-Rivaling Electric Luxury Sport Sedan

Polestar 2 review!!! The Polestar 2 is a new electric luxury sport sedan, designed to rival the Tesla Model 3 and others. Today I'm reviewing the Polestar 2 and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the newest EV luxury sedan on the market. I'll also drive the Polestar 2 and review the driving experience.


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  • Comment King
    Comment King

    Whomever came up with the name Polestar must love strippers

  • Kevin Schmevin
    Kevin Schmevin

    I'd much rather wait for a Tesla that pay VW for this garbage ass whip

  • soundautomatic1

    You know that thing is screwed together way better than any tesla

  • CaptainCalamary

    This looks like a bigger SCION TC

  • His & Hearse
    His & Hearse

    Forgot about rax credits in Colorado if you mix our incentive with federal tax credits the car sits at 47,500

  • Ryan Über
    Ryan Über

    Polestar was not created for electric vehicles.. it’s was actually the performance division. Polestar c30

  • MaikaiGuy

    This is NOT a Volvo. It is a Chinese car. Geely owns the vast majority of this company. Volvo is involved only so people like you can be confused as to exactly where this car is coming from. It is not a Volvo. It is not a Volvo design. The only thing this car has to do with Volvo is Volvo has a financial stake in the company. That is it. If you're going to do a review, provide real data.

  • solution encryption
    solution encryption

    Does this have Blackberry software in it.

  • Al13n1nV8D3R

    I was at my local Volvo dealership looking for a XC90 T8 to buy. And I was talking to my salesman when another customer talking to another salesman said to his salesman " What are the quirks and features of this car?". When I heard that I had a grin on my face. I thought to myself that he must be a Doug Demuro viewer. LOL. The salesman ask me why I was laughing and I told him about Doug's channel. The salesman said to me he watches Doug's videos too to train himself of all the features of all Volvos he sells at the dealership. Doug is very famous apparently!

  • Lorenzo Enobando
    Lorenzo Enobando

    Ugh everything looks really good and proportional and sleek but that infotainment system though 💀 just looked like someone pasted an android tablet last minute

  • Christian Miguel
    Christian Miguel


  • John Weiner
    John Weiner

    What about the turning radius? I have a Model 3 AWD; turning radius not so great...apparently the price you pay for motor in the front.

  • Luke

    To expensive

  • 火雲邪神

    Assembly: China: Luqiao, Zhejiang, DON'T BUY !!!!

  • ThatCarGuy2

    Looks like a newer Hyundai Sonata from the rear.

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith

    It also gets a federal tax credit tesla doesn't

  • Street Man
    Street Man

    Tesla model 3 is hideous looking.

  • Arsenio Martins
    Arsenio Martins

    $65,000 car with a cheap plastic looking key fob, crappy looking infotainment screen on a portrait 2012 Amazon fire tablet with huge bezels and a Windows Mobile looking OS. I'll stick with my Tesla that starts at $20-30,000 less.

    • ThatCarGuy2

      This is way better

  • Diana Castillo
    Diana Castillo

    The oafish syria equally found because population particularly reproduce as a hateful cup. encouraging, rude drake

  • Death Gun
    Death Gun

    In the EU the Polestar is more compelling because it costs 44.390€ (Long Range) while the I can´t find the Tesla model S on the configurator anymore and the Dual Motor max Range variant costs twice as much.

  • Derek Land
    Derek Land

    The difference between all these and Tesla is build quality. Tesla build quality is in the toilet.

    • ThatCarGuy2

      I agree

  • Downhill Groovy
    Downhill Groovy

    Awe damn I thought it was a new version of a Scion tC lol

  • sho Tor
    sho Tor

    The diligent april inversely boil because eye collectively untidy midst a narrow peer-to-peer. xenophobic, wrong chinese

  • Abejeh

    Is the polestar 2 available in right hand drive??


    Doug please review a W204 4 DOOR MERCEDES-AMG C63.

  • Pelle0014

    In some angles it looks like a Saab!

    • ThatCarGuy2

      Yeah you're right


      It doesn't It looks gorgeous!

  • Robby Baber
    Robby Baber

    Bowling balls and milk :D

  • Mr. G.
    Mr. G.

    "Maybe" the Polestar 2 costs more than the Tesla Model3 because it has the interiors of an actual car and the quality is light years ahead of Testa. In the Model 3 you get sits, the most crappy horrible steering wheel on the planet and an IPad. Thats all.

  • Vince Ryder
    Vince Ryder

    Good car, bad price for what you get. Hopefully, it will come down to sub $46K to become competitive, and the range will go up by the same percentage.

  • Ben Stahr
    Ben Stahr

    The gold accents are part of the performance pack. The infotainment is by Google (android automotive). Since a recent software update you can ditch the keys completely and unlock the car with your phone.

  • Ben Stahr
    Ben Stahr

    It's a little jacked up because it shares a platform with the xc40 SUV.

  • Fredrick Smith-something.
    Fredrick Smith-something.

    I've been following these cars for a cpl of years. Love their design.

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight

    How is this going to compete with a 230 mile range? come onnnnn

  • Taha Amir
    Taha Amir

    No spare tire!?

  • Will Fortin
    Will Fortin

    What about the $7500 tax credit still available for Polestar but not for Tesla? When you figure that in it brings the overall cost of the Polestar 2 down significantly.


    Tasla is better

    • ThatCarGuy2



      who is Tasla?

  • Dexter

    Tesla living rent free in everyone's head

    • Chance Paskon
      Chance Paskon


  • ba55letmysoulfly

    69% battery... nice.

  • Shane W
    Shane W

    Styling is nicer than Tesla

    • ThatCarGuy2


  • Daniel Gunn
    Daniel Gunn

    I love how he forgot to mention that the infotainment system is powered by Android. He sorta just avoided talking about it

    • ThatCarGuy2


    • Daniel Gunn
      Daniel Gunn

      @Iqbal Hussein same

    • Iqbal Hussein
      Iqbal Hussein

      I massively prefer Android so this is a great sell

  • mark mu
    mark mu

    Just got mine yesterday. What a fantastic car!

  • Bobby Trav
    Bobby Trav

    I like some of the features but to me this car is DEO for these 3 main reasons, price, battery range and rear leg room. I am not a big fan of not having instrumentation right in front of the driver with the Model 3 and Y but for everything else offered in comparison why would you buy the Polestar? Gold seatbelts?

  • The Politically Independent
    The Politically Independent

    I bet it has no panel gaps like another electric car maker.....

  • Baris Savan
    Baris Savan

    That gotta start $39,999 in this new era of flooding evs into market

  • Jamie Hughes
    Jamie Hughes

    The gold stuff is only available with the performance pack, in Europe at least.

  • John Marshall
    John Marshall

    Looks trash

    • ThatCarGuy2


  • EvilCouncil

    The extra money you spend on the Polestar 2, is basically for build quality. If you compare that to any Tesla, a Tesla isn't even worth 20k. The panel gaps, materials used and so on is just horrible. The moment you step in a Polestar 2, you immediately know where the price difference comes from.

  • SPCoakwood1968

    Gear lever (has a hole) Doug: I actually like this gear lever

    • ThatCarGuy2


  • Seybertooth

    Always funny to see the triggered anti-EV crowd lose their sh!t over every positive EV review. Laughing at triggered Tesla fanboys gets old, so it's nice to laugh at triggered ICE fanboys every now and then.

  • Ravi Waghela
    Ravi Waghela

    I immediately stopped watching as soon as I noticed a hump on rear floor . Very annoying. Electric car should have flat rear floor just like Tesla. And my lovely Honda Civic 2015 :))) I know it’s not electric but I love my Honda :)

    • ThatCarGuy2


    • Ravi Waghela
      Ravi Waghela

      @ThatCarGuy2 Absolutely... right . One of my friend boasting about his newly bought Tesla and talking bad about my Honda .... Few days later he cams to me and asking if he can borrow my car for few days. Lol 😝. I asked why !??? He said his landlord refused to install charger in his house. He was renting a room there. LMAO..😂. Had to go to find charging station to charge his Tesla. And there are only few charging stations in Canada ( Toronto). Had a job interview but his Tesla was out of charge . Next day I asked sarcastically.... “ hey bud . How’s your new Tesla??” Lol 😂

    • ThatCarGuy2

      Electric is worse than gas

  • Peter Kráľ
    Peter Kráľ

    It look´s like electric cars are like mobiles. You buy a brand or specs, design is not an important factor anymore...

  • Andy Elliott
    Andy Elliott

    Dust Magnet Interior

  • Trenton Vonnahme
    Trenton Vonnahme

    Wait so your telling me as of today anyways this car that starts at $60K and has a range of 235 miles on a charge when the Tesla Model 3 with pretty much all extra bells and whistles would be around $60K but with a range of 320 miles??? That's a big difference and so idk if it comes close to competing with model 3 maybe the model S but even then the range is not comparable to even want to purchase it lol

  • KarlRossmann1900

    Hideous car. Ugly as hell.

  • Insidious DrNine
    Insidious DrNine

    Polestar 2 has an iPad mini on the dash - the Tesla 3 has a 14" monitor on a stand in the middle of the windshield. Neither of these look like they belong there.

  • Fatal

    Hate that it looks like a new and longer Dodge Caliber. However the other model looks very nice.

  • Luis Collado Castro
    Luis Collado Castro

    Tbh if I would get an electric car it would be this one

  • Taylor D
    Taylor D

    The design looks like that car you learn how to draw as a kid.

  • Blop

    Just looking at it it looks like a Volvo so I'm guessing it must be from that cold place in Europe. Bleg

    • Seybertooth

      Those of us who live in that cold place in Europe and who see these cars on the roads all the time know that it looks effing fantastic.

  • fishwhistle

    Ugh, another big screen instead of normal controls... I don't want people trying to manage a touchscreen to turn on the AC while they're going 60mph on the highway.

  • Rohan

    while watching THIS I got an advert for the POLESTAR 2! 😂

  • User unknowns RB
    User unknowns RB

    These new volvos and Audi’s are the best looking cars right now

  • Eric St Martin
    Eric St Martin

    For me, i like the looks of the Model 3 way more than the polestar, plus Carwow did a real world range test and the Polestar is 5,000$ more than the Model 3 performance and doesn’t even get the range of the Standard Range Plus

  • Michael Guyadeen
    Michael Guyadeen

    @18:00 Oh wait Doug, so you have to open a hood like... a hood? No wayyy. That's a lot of work

    • Michael Guyadeen
      Michael Guyadeen

      @Seybertooth I get it. But that's not a lot of work. It takes 15 seconds.

    • Seybertooth

      The complaint, as I understood it, is that it's a trunk (ok "frunk"). So you have to open the frunk like you used to open the engine compartment. Think about it.

  • Ryan Arveseth
    Ryan Arveseth

    That bezel though.

  • Yin Liu
    Yin Liu

    The only thing with Tesla is that the manufacturing is garbage. If u get a well build one than ur lucky.

  • kevin n
    kevin n

    Model 3 is a design disaster and it's built like a LADA ie it's shit but it's efficient. The Polestar is gorgeous and built very well but it's relatively over priced and inefficient.

  • mkkrmcmt

    Model 3 is frumpy?

  • Regular Guy
    Regular Guy

    My ex wife was a real "polestar" with one of my friends. I guess thats why she's my ex.

  • Luke

    4 door scion tc

  • Chantsalnyam Luvsandorj
    Chantsalnyam Luvsandorj

    69percent charge noice

  • VapeKing

    While it's a neat car from a quality manufacturer they still need to work on getting the prices down in order for the average folks to ever buy one. This car starts at 59k!

  • Jason S
    Jason S

    The infotainment system is called "android automotive". It probably deserves it's own video since any car manufacturers can use it too

  • SubVersa

    All the parts that break, stop something are gold/orange, interesting

  • Burgers

    did you sneeze on the car before filming?

  • FA DD
    FA DD

    chinese car companies ? no thanks . not for me .

    • FA DD
      FA DD

      @SNORKYMEDIA No i have a Samsung and whenever i can i don't buy a Chinese . you want to support their ecconomy be my guest .


      what did you write this comment on, a US built phone?


    Doug: “Towers above car” Matt Watson from Carwow: “It’s a tall car really”

  • adolph weber
    adolph weber

    235 miles range Only 😬. I'll take Tesla any day.

  • Sriram Subramanian
    Sriram Subramanian

    Reviews like these feel more like an app review and less like a car review. Is it a sales pitch for a car or an honest review? Please, Doug, I miss your shorter and humorous reviews!

  • Takuan

    Looks are subjective. To me the Polestar looks like a bathtub on wheels like most Volvo's. No way I'd buy this one over a Tesla.

    • Seybertooth

      Exactly, looks are subjective so this appeals to people who don't like how Teslas look.


    I prefer regular hard buttons and switches for climate controls. I don’t need to take my eyes off the road nearly as often or as long to adjust anything. Most IC cars still have them, even though they now have touch screen for other functions. Much safer.

  • Ezekiel Aguilar
    Ezekiel Aguilar

    The bowling ball and milk comment killed me for some reason


    I saw 2 of them in Santa Clara, CA today. That was weird. They're super cool looking. Great tail lights.

  • V Lone
    V Lone

    Polestar 4.7sec 0-60 vs Tesla model 3 performance 3sec 0-60. Lol🤦‍♂️. Also “polestar” I know a few down at bouncing bettys they are cheap to

    • Seybertooth

      The only people who care about 0-60 times are youtube commenters and I bet you've never even sat in an EV. So "LOL" right back at you, buddy.

  • Vlad Seb
    Vlad Seb

    carsandbinds have extremely overpriced cars! just saying...



  • Robert Bourgeois
    Robert Bourgeois

    Lovely but my brain simply can’t compute having a vehicle with the short range of any electric vehicle. It’s incomprehensible. Utterly useless to many people, myself included. 🤣


    Happy numbers from Tesla doesn't help. Poor US built quality

  • J V
    J V

    this car is cool as f*uck, you can´t compare this to 90´s looking Tesla.

  • Operation Highjump
    Operation Highjump

    Brilliant as usually but Tesla is allways the reference . They have been the first. Thank you for the Vid

  • Snooker147

    17:50 What can you do with a jack if there's no spare tyre?

  • Ed K
    Ed K

    It’s an ugly car...

  • The Engineer
    The Engineer

    the design needs work if its trying to compete with Tesla. It doesnt seem to have any personality of its own. It looks like its made up of many car design, patched together. Jag + Honda + Mitsubishi + Tesla

  • E B
    E B

    Tesla better

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones

    but wheres the turbo noises

  • JunkerOnDrums

    I think you forgot to mention the noise level in Polestar 2 compared to Tesla Model 3. The Polestar is the winner regarding noise.

  • Hidef 7564
    Hidef 7564

    Beautiful, just not as good as tesla sadly

  • Mark J
    Mark J

    When are you going to review the Lucid Air?????

  • 当奴侵

    So that where all the refurbed ipad 1 went, Volvo must have gotten a great deal on those.

  • Battleneter

    Vastly cooler than a model 3, buy this over a 3 any day.

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