Here’s Why the 2014 BMW M6 Is a 560-Horsepower Bargain
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The 2014 BMW M6 is a great car. Today I'm reviewing the 2014 BMW M6, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the M6. I'm also going to show you why the F13 BMW M6 is so desirable, and why it's such a great value.



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  • Asron 12
    Asron 12

    Nice, it’s no longer gonna be a bargain anymore

  • Michael Rawlins
    Michael Rawlins

    What you said about the M buttons is not correct. You can configure either to be the crazy mode, and as long as the button you're selecting is the more aggressive one, you have to push it twice to engage. And the parking brake is the same as on the DCT cars, so it's shared.

  • ethan ramos
    ethan ramos

    Are you real

  • Wesam kachouri
    Wesam kachouri

    imagine going into the backyard of your mobile home and hearing doug saying "THISSSS is the 2014 BMW M6".

  • M4rcin

    BMW is never a bargain.

  • Gett Ink
    Gett Ink

    14:35 “have nothing back here to do” Me: looks at my invisible girlfriend 😏

  • Matt Russell
    Matt Russell

    I have a X3, the turn signal is a nightmare, had others blame me for not signalling, because it cancels really easily!!

  • Appadurai Nachimuthu
    Appadurai Nachimuthu

    Sorry cars &bids land rover bmw

  • 224

    I wish Doug and I had… Constant Contact 😳👀🥺🤤😈

  • SMintRich

    aka don't by a M car new

  • varunratti

    Dough won't go wrong any time.

  • Will

    Graded this one pretty harsh

  • scruffs by Cartoon Fish
    scruffs by Cartoon Fish

    Well, the recorded note was useless anyway as you can't buy new ones anymore!

  • Alanqt

    Nimic nu e mai brutal decât m6-ele lui Andy Popescu

  • P A
    P A

    Personally I love those turn signals.

  • Joel Aquino
    Joel Aquino

    hey, Doug can you do a video about the original vw bug from the 60s-70s pretty please!!!

  • Chriscar152

    0:40 When Doug loses his cars and bids advert streak

  • Doug Hardman
    Doug Hardman

    You missed a great quirk. The BMW logo flips up on the trunk to reveal the back-up camera when you're in reverse.

  • Billy Idol Rockstar
    Billy Idol Rockstar

    We need cd player in cars back

  • Craig Good
    Craig Good

    That speaker that rises out of the dash looks like it's revealing a tweeter, that little cone. The midrange that would come out of the big part of the speaker isn't all that directional, so it doesn't matter that it "aims" at the windshield. But B&O is always about styling over performance. It's probably pretty good for a car stereo, though.

  • Juan Pablo Correia Echeverria
    Juan Pablo Correia Echeverria

    The best looking 6 Series, certainly much better than the E63

  • De Maigus
    De Maigus

    The 6 Series Gran Coupé is a 4-Door Coupé like the Mercedes CLS, only 2 Backseats and a console in the Middle, very different from the backseats in a 5 Series or an E-Class.

  • tommy_g35

    Doug is that Einstein from Back to the Future?

  • Jonathan Krech
    Jonathan Krech

    This is such a beautiful BMW!

  • Brian Estrada
    Brian Estrada

    How's the reliability on those twin turbo V8's?

  • Oliver Valdes
    Oliver Valdes

    I love seeing the dog!

  • elias Castellón
    elias Castellón

    Why is Doug in los santos

  • Buzzular

    What da dog doin'

  • Ted D
    Ted D

    DOUG! Please shut your trap for 6 seconds so we can hear the sounds on a pull.

  • p3rsona

    One of the best looking BMW

  • Mickey

    Loves how the car looks and says it's beautiful. Styling: 6

  • indocarsdiary

    $120k when it was new $40k now a bargain ? laughs in Indonesian $140k used here 😎

    • Ervian Lesmana
      Ervian Lesmana

      Berkali-kali lipat ya bang

  • Patrick D
    Patrick D

    Wow... 6/10 on styling? 5/10 on cool factor? What is this guy even talking about

  • S J
    S J

    Bargain and BMW should never be in the same sentence😂

  • 1975lap

    I have a BMW..... mind didn't come with turn signals.

  • K M
    K M

    Every time i watch this man he proves more and more he knows nothing about cars naturally and remembers everything off a script or a brochure

  • K M
    K M

    These wheels look terrible on this m6

  • Kimmt Sol
    Kimmt Sol

    You speak too much and don’t know how the b&o speaker works D A The cone the cone May be you should read and take away some ignorance

  • Andrew Olson
    Andrew Olson

    That bizarre turn signal operation explains why some BMW drivers just don't bother using them at all!

  • Klutch

    Looks dated next to the new 8 series. German cars don't age well.

  • JUST me
    JUST me

    My brother sold her off …

  • LMacNeill

    "...for the price of a Toyota Highlander..." And maintaining it will cost you *another* Toyota Highlander over the next 5 years or so. Maybe more. But, God, that thing looks like a fun car to drive. If I had $90,000 I could just throw away, I might actually consider buying one. (Yes, I know the car doesn't cost $90K -- I'm doubling the price because that's what it's going to cost you to maintain/repair the thing over the next 5 years.)

  • Christian Chase
    Christian Chase

    No Doug!! I’m trying to save to get this car I don’t need anyone knowing how amazing they are!! Except I’m getting the gran coupé because I think it’s one of the best looking cars ever made

  • good Vibes
    good Vibes

    Definitely don’t agree that its nicer then the E63 M6

  • dbmabe

    The speed alarm is good for a situation where someone you don't like is bugging you for a ride. Before you pick them up, set the alarm at the 4mph setting. Then when the complain about the constant beeping, just say "I don't know, its done that ever since I bought the car and the mechanics can't figure it out." That might be the last time they bug you for a ride.

  • Josh Rosenthal
    Josh Rosenthal

    Doug got his vccn that’s why he’s not the same

  • Dreka Channel
    Dreka Channel

    I’m Iceland me and my grandparents were in a used car sale stuff idk but I saw 2 of BMW M6 one silver like that one and one black

  • Terry Conklin
    Terry Conklin

    Anyone else catch that haunted swingset at 8:05?

  • ajax700

    Doug, para cuando un Alfa GT Junior ???

  • Ralph Weaver
    Ralph Weaver

    Mommy, I don't want to go to the playground, there is a strange man talking to himself in his car...

  • Crisss Sontay
    Crisss Sontay

    The periodic moustache syntactically lie because fiber pathophysiologically succeed aside a mute ethiopia. clammy, odd error

  • Saam Cheshmaghil
    Saam Cheshmaghil

    Hey Doug! At 14:17 you say that you have to hold the button for the seat to move forward, that is not true. If you just tap it, it will move it forward on its own.


    There's one exact machine for sale in Ghana in my neighborhood. I think I have got to own it after watching your video.

  • Caleb уэллетт
    Caleb уэллетт

    someone just wrecked one of these locally drunk lol

  • Matt Rafferty
    Matt Rafferty

    Buy used for $40k, spend $40k I'm maintenance during the first couple years, sell for $15k. Hell to the NO.

  • KrasYnek

    You cannot play back your memo because the radio is set to mute.

  • mirko mariwan
    mirko mariwan

    My dream car 😢

  • Gonzalo Sanchidrián
    Gonzalo Sanchidrián

    Regarding the manual transmission, especially the clutch... BMW stopped developing good manuals when they were selling 70 cars of one model with a manual gearbox. The money is going to pay for the FZ8 boxes...

  • real isrealite
    real isrealite

    Bargain and BMW in the same sentence(oxymoron).European cars wouldn't be a bargain if you got them for free,the maintenance alone would break most people.

  • jimmy R.
    jimmy R.

    ye but they are all big money pits!

  • Kelly Oubre Jr.
    Kelly Oubre Jr.

    Nobody could tell me that e63 was ugly 😍. Still looks modern today

  • Kelly Oubre Jr.
    Kelly Oubre Jr.

    Cool I’m $44,000 dollars away from purchasing this bargain 👌🏻

  • Steven Bryn
    Steven Bryn

    Yea…and God knows how much cash in maintenance and repairs to make up for the “bargain”

    • TheEddie

      This is not the v10. which had major issues with rod bearings

  • James R
    James R

    the post face lift e63 is the most interesting and best shaped imo


    I love how comfortable the dog was in the passenger seat lol, reminded me of a human.

  • john ulmer
    john ulmer

    If I opened a glove box and actually found gloves, I'd be weirded out.

  • R BAS3L
    R BAS3L

    17:05 more doug dry humor pls

  • S O
    S O


  • Lehlohonolo Gordons
    Lehlohonolo Gordons

    It's sad that it took 2 minutes for Doug to begin what we actually came here for...

  • Riviere Noir
    Riviere Noir

    It’s a bargain as long as you got “M money” to take care of that power plant... when they work, they are phenomenal. But we all know what bmw does best.

  • Guinness Harvey
    Guinness Harvey

    5.32 muscle memory:)

  • Gyengye Gabor
    Gyengye Gabor

    You shouldn't. LOL

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace

    I don’t know why people complain so much about the turn signals i have absolutely no problem with the turn signal switch on my car

  • Refke van Lavieren
    Refke van Lavieren

    Is this car from 2014? I feel old, I thought this would be the v10 model.

  • Calvin Ndou
    Calvin Ndou

    what happened to the exhaust not clip?

  • Genio Torres
    Genio Torres

    dog dejewwwwwww

  • Bradley Sneed
    Bradley Sneed

    Well equipped Toyota Highlander or this...hmmmm????

  • George W. Bush
    George W. Bush

    The only problem is the turn signals Bimmer owners : WE have TURN sigNALS? ! ?

  • snowhawk

    Maybe I am becoming blind but the orange looks like a red to me.

  • Wadu Heek
    Wadu Heek

    1. its not called Porscha. 2. Manuals doesnt exist in europe. 3. fuck that dougscore 4. thighsupport are quite common on european cars. Volvo has it as an option, bmw too etc.

  • JAA

    Ive never been ina bmw where the thigh support actually works

  • Marcos Alencar
    Marcos Alencar

    he knows nothing about audio... hahah

  • Gus Mendez
    Gus Mendez

    the speaker doesn't till towards the speaker its a atmos speaker its actually pointing at the roof above your head. New speakers fill the room by firing at the ceiling and bouncing sound around the room that way. in conjunction with other speakers in your system.

  • Riser Of Evil
    Riser Of Evil

    Great Review - More reviews of vehicles that the general population can afford please!

  • Kenneth Petersen
    Kenneth Petersen

    It's the same panel as the 6series convertible and grand coupe, which have opening rear windows.

  • Jo Poveromo
    Jo Poveromo

    I have never needed lights to show me where the gears are at night.

  • robin de lang
    robin de lang

    Doug and a MANUAL trans car..... always good

  • sho Tor
    sho Tor

    The frequent aries briefly bruise because arch cytochemically bolt astride a synonymous cello. sable, fascinated sky

  • Dan Corvalan
    Dan Corvalan

    Great video Doug! I totally agree with you, the 6 series is beautiful, specially the gran coupé version. Once i saw a gran coupé in frozen bronze and it was stunningly beautiful, i consider one of my top 10 most beautiful cars of all time. But dont u think the 8 series looks just like it? Like, exactly like it? You say the 6 series is a large car and maybe thats why bmw cancelled it, but i think they cancelled so they could launch the 8 series, otherwise they would have two cars looking exactly similar with different names.

  • A cat named Scamper
    A cat named Scamper

    Problems with this car....... many many problems no thank you

  • Nvable

    @ 8:00 swings in the background. Looks as if some kids say this Strang man talking to himself and they decided to split in a quick, fast, hurry.

  • homotron5000

    how bout the other portion

  • Mike N
    Mike N

    The odometer was at 25k miles. Why would you spend six figures on a drivers car then drive it only 3,500 miles a year. Such a shame.

  • 9/11 Holocaust
    9/11 Holocaust

    You can get a Porsche Gt3 with a manual wdym Doug

  • الوليد الحربي
    الوليد الحربي

    It is very difficult not to be BMW fan

  • Sarmatian Cougar
    Sarmatian Cougar

    They ditched the V10 because of that rod bearing issue only to replace it with a way less reliable engine. Not only that but they decided to turbocharge it. Oh boi. The BMW logic.

    • Sarmatian Cougar
      Sarmatian Cougar

      @TheEddie get lost dude. You are not even presenting arguments.

    • TheEddie

      @Sarmatian Cougar you have no idea what you are talking about

    • Sarmatian Cougar
      Sarmatian Cougar

      ​@BLACK BIMMER it's in production because people are buying it that's why :D People are okay with oil leaks. But some people were really not okay with S85 going full C4. BMW were too lazy to fix it so they decided to let the buyers deal with it's problems. It's really not a very nice engine. It requires good maintenance as it tends to have trash build ups inside after about six years of use. I'd say the old S62 was the real deal.


      BMW S63TU isnt a bad engine, theres a reason why its in production still after almost 13 years.

  • Jason Townsend
    Jason Townsend

    Doug -- I would suggest adding a promotion "loading bar" to the bottom of the vid like Donut does. I'm fairly convinced it will actually help people sit through the promotion since they can see how long it will last.

  • Brian Palay
    Brian Palay

    8:02 ghost children on the swings!

  • linkzable

    2014 endless money pit. 🙄

  • Hann Film
    Hann Film

    "There are things in this car that you won't even find in new cars." Newer cheaper BMWs eg

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