The 2022 Kia Carnival Is a High-Tech Luxury Minivan

Kia Carnival Review!!! The 2022 Kia Carnival is a new minivan -- and today I'm reviewing the new Kia Carnival. I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the Kia Carnival, and then I'll get the Carnival out on the road and review the 2022 Kia Carnival driving experience.


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  • Tyrone Brown
    Tyrone Brown

    Camara and microphone features to yell at the kids in the back seat: "Don't make me pull this thing over and come back there!"

  • Mohammad Amin
    Mohammad Amin

    I like how there is an ad right before dog dumbdero laughs 5:10

  • :D

    14:11 ah yes, the calming sounds of a toilet flushing

  • Charan Kumar
    Charan Kumar

    K backside N

  • HästenS avoir
    HästenS avoir

    Great that you get a standard a/t instead of the Rotary knob

  • bonob0123

    sienna second row also reclines, has footrest, and seats slide back n forth

  • bonob0123

    make it cheaper with some ground clearance and AWD and we'd have a winner with less laughable non-minivan claim

  • bonob0123


  • luckyman u
    luckyman u

    so good! so good look! best look!

  • Billy-Borche Petrovski
    Billy-Borche Petrovski

    Exterior lights seem to be in the shape of an a

  • Neo Blackjack thee enraged
    Neo Blackjack thee enraged

    (Kia) = killed in action pathetic!

  • Ninja97X Thanos
    Ninja97X Thanos

    I want the Kia Carnival SX Prestige

    • Ninja97X Thanos
      Ninja97X Thanos

      With the exact colors

  • Lindsy Torkelson
    Lindsy Torkelson

    Do you have bugs in your butt? Good grief buddy calm down lol

  • Eean Jones
    Eean Jones

    Bad review

  • Jacob Ihnen
    Jacob Ihnen

    I have never been a big minivan fan but holy cow this might be nicer than an Escalade (can’t believe I just said that)

  • Damanpreet Singh
    Damanpreet Singh

    Perfect mini van

  • Jarrod

    6:31 "Not sure how many parents are going to want it for their kids." I don't know a lot about parenting but I think kids are a lot quieter when they're asleep.

  • yurieu

    for being a minivan isn't it lower and prone to touching the bumps on the roads?

  • Badrel 3
    Badrel 3

    Homie just now hitting puberty? His voice crack about every 3 seconds 😂

  • Manfred Chase
    Manfred Chase

    Hyundai Genesis and Kia Mordecai 함께움직이며, 서로협력하며, 사전협약한대로 같이성공합니다. HyundaiGenesis KiaMordecai 와 Audi 견주어봐 HyundaiGenesis KiaMordecai 우수합니다. wolilnyeon

  • Ethan Lindquist
    Ethan Lindquist

    I saw one today in Manhattan Ks

  • J B
    J B

    @KIA #KIA IF YOU MAKE THIS A AWD AND GIVE IT THE SORRENTO Sx prestige engine plus add red seatbelt or red and black seats for certain extr color

  • Sofia lee
    Sofia lee

    Carnival is already very popular in Korea... I wondered why it didn't sell it to the US.

  • Friebe1000

    I was really hoping this review was for the 11 seater model

  • Matthew Haegele
    Matthew Haegele

    Kia: It's an MPV

  • Frank FFF
    Frank FFF

    Coolest Caravan ever.

  • Jessie Ray
    Jessie Ray

    This is seriously beautiful, it looks like a full size SUV not a mini van. But will Kia come out with a truck already 😩 That's what I'll trade in my 2018 Kia Sportage for.

  • R D
    R D

    Wait, how the hell is there a bird's eye view camera? What am I missing here?

  • Kevin Cardenas-Valera
    Kevin Cardenas-Valera


  • Brian Hatter
    Brian Hatter

    B L A C K W H E E L S A R E N O T D E A D

    • Adil Sagadiyev
      Adil Sagadiyev

      they never were

  • mr 9guy
    mr 9guy

    Where the spare tire hiding?

  • Krystal Primaadonnaa
    Krystal Primaadonnaa

    i love the outside but the middle is confusing. who is the middle seats designed for? teens? having small children in car seats the features are pointless

  • Joachim Yzekiel Ventenilla
    Joachim Yzekiel Ventenilla

    “For 2022, it’s now called the Carnival.” Me, who lives in the Philippines and had the “Carnival” name since it came out: oki

  • Charlotte Brown
    Charlotte Brown

    Love the carnival

  • Jax

    How does acceleration get a 1 out of 10 but it's faster than the sienna? I don't know if you did but if you scored the Sienna a 1 as well, you have no credibility.

  • Ashley Taylor
    Ashley Taylor

    I was hoping for a non biased review, but it just seemed like you were shitting on it the entire time...weird

  • Twice Tzuyu
    Twice Tzuyu

    It is BEATIFULLLLL I love kia

  • Nick Pol
    Nick Pol

    Just wanted to say about ride quality No it's is no blah blah blah I had Chrysler pacifica 2017 Leased it for 3 years, it was a very good mimivan very convenient but when van was full of people to change lanes from say 50 mph to 60 70 mph it was very difficult and almost impossible move for that van imagine Sienna bigger van b without proper engine at all

  • OK Kuzi
    OK Kuzi

    You should mention the price of the base model as well.

  • Adam Chandley
    Adam Chandley

    I feel like all 4 of the majors aren't targeting their flagship vans correctly. The high trim van should at least be offered (and reasonably available) without the "4 seater minivan" package. Instead, Kia's down this for 2 generations. Utterly useless minivan with the dumbass chairs in the 2nd row. This would be the most difficult vehicle to operate

  • Nino GG
    Nino GG

    Love the new Kia logo lol it looks more like it says KN which is much cooler than the other old logo.

  • Nathan Choi
    Nathan Choi

    Too bad doesn’t have awd

  • S&J

    Kids got it good now.2nd row heated and cooled seats!

  • MrsUSified

    If you think the styling isn’t that impressive, I think you and I are living in two different worlds. I personally think this is the best looking minivan out there, that actually doesn’t look like a minivan (which is a huge plus). I don’t like minivans, I don’t like how they look, I’d never buy or drive one. Would I buy and drive this Kia?? Hell yessssss!!!!!

  • Trollydan

    Don’t forget the Mercedes R63 AMG, that’s the fastest production van ever made.

    • Adil Sagadiyev
      Adil Sagadiyev


  • #1 DogDad
    #1 DogDad

    Could you please do a review of the Aerostar on Cars and Bids?

  • ed hartley
    ed hartley

    no the Sedona was called a Sedona in the UK

  • Punith S
    Punith S

    03:55 Seems the side bumper has been dented ✨

  • Juliet 2.0
    Juliet 2.0

    I’m not sure if his nose bugs me more Of the way he makes his mouth movement … annoying

  • terry

    One complaint I had to watch a commercial to watch a COMMERCIAL

  • STSNole86

    The Nissan Quest has dual power sunroofs....

  • UNK 83
    UNK 83

    This is probably the best looking minivan ever. And I hate minivans.

  • T. Huang
    T. Huang

    I’ve recently been appreciating my minivan more and more. After trips to home depot, hauling lumber and work materials, I’ve come to the realization that a truck simply cannot haul nearly as much, even with a cap/canopy. This van seems like the best way to go. Looks sharp and still utilitarian. Too bad it’s so expensive

    • Adil Sagadiyev
      Adil Sagadiyev

      you can just get a lower trim

  • FredRedRex Fa20
    FredRedRex Fa20

    Can’t handle the sarcasm. Sorry.

  • Jesse Galarza
    Jesse Galarza

    Sounds like Glenn Sturgis

  • Katia Sloan
    Katia Sloan

    Take my money

  • Natalia Andrea
    Natalia Andrea

    The first (and only) time I saw this on the road I thought it was an SUV and then I was confused. The new Kia symbol isn’t a a backwards N it’s a capital I and A but attached

  • Papi Grande
    Papi Grande

    Part minivan, part suv. The sexiest minivan ever created. I’d love to see the soccer mom driving that. She can show me her VIP lounge seat. 😜😍

  • boop

    I love that on the back seat screens they have twitch lol, you can chill and watch flight reacts rage at 2k in a $50,000 kia minivan lmao.

  • Wet Matress
    Wet Matress

    game changer lol

  • Eddie Jackson
    Eddie Jackson

    It kinda looks like the new Escalade...exterior and interior colors

  • koko.meeko

    9:20 I don't know why they would bring that feature over here either - in Korea, private drivers usually use that feature to make more space in the back for their customers by folding the seat forward

  • Anthony Lambaria
    Anthony Lambaria

    Sienna are good not boring

    • Adil Sagadiyev
      Adil Sagadiyev

      and boring

  • SaberAlter

    Ok, passenger view is a lot creepy KIA. I don’t even need that ZOOMing function to watch my kids ....

  • daniel55645

    Who gets in the 3rd row like that? You go between the seats

  • Cody S
    Cody S

    The limited sienna has a 2nd row sunroof and i think it is bigger

    • Cody S
      Cody S

      @Adil Sagadiyev yes it does

    • Adil Sagadiyev
      Adil Sagadiyev

      does the sunroof open in the sienna? no iy does not

  • Flyingfast79

    This guy's talking like he's high on drugs

  • Tony Wenzel
    Tony Wenzel

    When will you review that Ridgeline though?

  • Bills Johansen
    Bills Johansen

    The elevated hexagon pattern displaces wind, reducing wind noise.

  • Bills Johansen
    Bills Johansen

    That’s the nicest minivan I’ve ever seen

  • David Arnold
    David Arnold

    This would be perfect for a mobile dental business already includes 2x dentist chairs

  • SamoScopom

    I love how this has over 1M views and both a Ferrari and a McLaren have less.

    • Adil Sagadiyev
      Adil Sagadiyev

      because most people cant afford a ferrari or mclaren

    • Google Account
      Google Account

      Cause this will outsell both of those cars combined

  • Cowboy Up
    Cowboy Up

    Good looking mini van, better looking than all the others by far.

  • Andy S
    Andy S

    Speed and acceleration does matter even to moms when they enter the free way. They also have a sport mode which makes it even faster.

  • John Nickolsen
    John Nickolsen

    That "Sounds of Nature" reminded me of the sound of a flushing Ferguson toilet. Bawoosh

  • leokimvideo

    Hang on it's still 2021, are the compliance plated forward stamped at purchase? We have a KIA Sportage and it's an amazing reliable and fun vehicle.

  • Gabriel Merino
    Gabriel Merino

    I love their new symbol. Looks mainstream.

  • Jett Young
    Jett Young

    Hellcat Pacifica please!

  • Karla Acosta
    Karla Acosta

    My Kia Sedona has the side front seat buttons & my kids do NOT mess with them. I actually love that I can maneuver front passenger seat from the second row.

  • Bright Vue
    Bright Vue

    wow. luxury. someday :)

  • deadstockk

    Just let me fucking mainline Doug reviewing minivans

  • Big G
    Big G

    I thought it was a suv or something

  • Clearance Collector 清倉收藏家
    Clearance Collector 清倉收藏家

    That looks like a Party Van!

  • luvstatus1

    The best looking minivan I've seen. Looks great. It feels like Doug was trying hard not to like it.

  • Dillinger Sam
    Dillinger Sam


  • Dillinger Sam
    Dillinger Sam


  • BlueTikkaBreadMore

    Hard no and a pass, but at least they tried. Still big on mid sized SUV just like all other moms over 47!!!😁😁😁😉😉

  • George price
    George price

    I like it. A mini van that ain’t a mini van.

  • Gilead Ajayi
    Gilead Ajayi

    Oh no

  • praveenp

    This is not a USA specific car. This is global car & globally people movers are also evolving as well as other cars. Doug is just being yet another ignorant american, who thinks everybody is trying to excite them. :-/

  • Coffee Games
    Coffee Games

    Minivans are becoming suvs with more slanted windshields.

  • Av8r6o4

    Wow... I think it's almost time to trade in my Truck for this badboy... The kids will love it

  • Archit

    @doug the front seat control from rear is due to asian markets such as india where it will sold primarily for urban chauffeured clientele.

  • INKdustrial design studio
    INKdustrial design studio

    Why not 4x4? WHYYYYYYYYY

  • Gribbly

    clown minivan just kidding its sexy on the outside haven’t seen the inside het

  • Matthew Groza
    Matthew Groza

    those aren’t hexagons. they’re a rhombus.

  • A One
    A One

    Nice looking van 🔥 it’s looks like an Escalade suv

  • Amir. V
    Amir. V

    The perfect uber

  • 987603

  • l

    This actually looks kinda nice 😶😶