The 2021 GMC Yukon Denali Diesel Is an Efficient Huge Luxury SUV

2021 GMC Yukon Denali Duramax Diesel review! The 2021 GMC Yukon is an impressive luxury SUV, boasting lots of nice equipment and materials. Now it's offered with a diesel engine, touting excellent mileage and range. Today I'll review the 2021 Yukon Denali Duramax and show you the quirks and features, and I'll drive the Yukon Denali and review the driving experience.


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  • Christopher Keller
    Christopher Keller

    I clicked on this video, left it playing, got up and made a whole sandwich, and when I came back he was just getting to “and now I’m going to review it”

  • DefyYourLogic

    I cant imagine paying 80k for an SUV that probably feels gutless.

  • CedSucks

    for a second i thought it was a escalade

  • Pontiac Vibby
    Pontiac Vibby

    Literally anyone and everyone after seeing the Ramcharger: *summons their inner Pumphry* " RAMCHARGER!!"

  • SarbearNP

    I actually don’t like the seat drop thing because if you have a car seat or booster you can’t use it vs other cars where the whole seat stays in sitting position but comes off the rails and goes forward.

  • SarbearNP

    “Some flashes of brilliance, some flashes of CRAP!” 😂😂😂

  • l

    Lol this car gets better fuel economy than a mazda rx-8

  • Daily Driven Commutes
    Daily Driven Commutes

    if you want better mpg get a regular 6.6 V8 with a full delete.

  • Daily Driven Commutes
    Daily Driven Commutes

    Should have had a Duramax 6.6 V8. Lower displacement V6 is not enough displacement to offset the overall weight. You're gonna put too much strain on the powertrain. NO.

  • Tony

    Wtf is gt3 rs watering can can someone explain it to me pls

  • Joel Aquino
    Joel Aquino

    hey, Doug can you do a video about the original vw bug from the 60s-70s pretty please!!!

  • Niel Barnes
    Niel Barnes

    Interestingly white above that

  • staywoke

    I wish they would put these engines in GMC truck

  • FierceMotorworks

    Driving behind the new GM suv's, it looks like the lower control arms are going to hit the ground, they are so low. Makes the vehicles look like their pants are down and the undercarriage is showing

  • V8 For A Heart
    V8 For A Heart

    If it can’t hold my GT3RS watering can. Then I don’t want it

  • Youtube Account
    Youtube Account

    I don't really understand power tailgates. My Acadia has one, it's slightly nice to open the door for the delivery person at the grocery store when doing pickup. Other than that, I don't get it. It's slower than just lifting the tailgate. I turn it off usually.

  • Jim Haskins
    Jim Haskins

    That is a stupid gear shifter!! Oh my goodness...

  • Jordan Mota
    Jordan Mota

    Every one talking about the GT3 watering can but no one talking about the fact he said “I own 4 V8’s” and holds up 3 finders lol

  • Ameer Suhail Khan
    Ameer Suhail Khan

    So nice 👍

  • Phantim3dx

    GM's slogan should be "Flashes of brilliance and flshes of crap" (DeMuro, 2021).

  • Marathon Jones
    Marathon Jones

    327 5.3 proven half a million miles, 3.0L... guaranteed 1,000,000 plus! ♾

  • Ron Forman
    Ron Forman

    Gm style is usually excellent but those shift buttons are weird and make no sense!

  • Юнис Джафарли
    Юнис Джафарли

    thank you 👍

  • go rotate
    go rotate

    “How much is this Denali?” “Only 79,000, and it comes with every luxury feature you ever wanted”. Me takes a seat behind the steering wheel, looking at THIS dashboard:” You know what? I am happy, really happy!” “ Oh great, shall we go to my place and sign..? “ “No, that’s not what I mean. I am happy I saved 79,000 Dollar. Have a wonderful day.

  • Bo Han
    Bo Han

    6:42 Wait till you see the Chevy Impala's hidden compartment behind the Nav screen.

  • Seybertooth

    That's the most retarded car I've ever seen. Driving it is like walking around with a "this is what an idiot looks like" t-shirt on.

  • NintendoJ339

    19:25 back window I see a tesla

  • Zetroc 7
    Zetroc 7

    Does the infotainment system have Apple play ?

  • MrRedlandCamp

    I like how Doug talks shit like he can back it up 😆😂🤣

  • Platinum Butter.K
    Platinum Butter.K

    I have a question and I’m not American but why do gmc chevys and Cadillac look alike and I’m talking about the suv’s

  • Piyush Negi
    Piyush Negi

    So that's where Bohemia's kali Denali came from😂

  • Jonathan Williams
    Jonathan Williams

    You were a bit harsh on the Denali Doug, you didn’t mention the heads up display nor the tail pipes and the diesel is a watered down version of the V8

  • Genio Torres
    Genio Torres

    dog dejewwwwwww

  • HunterShows

    No. There are no price "points" and "infotainment" is not a word. That's ng. talk.

  • Dany


  • yhootoob

    Why Doug allways looking like the C.E.O. of Hotdog Consessions at the jr. varsity hackey sack pack ?

  • TKAD Legend
    TKAD Legend

    Gotta say, having a blank switch available makes adding LED lights a heck of a lot easier and it looks rather professionally installed. Personally I appreciate it.

  • form109

    Very nice interior. I will say however steering wheel controls on the back of the wheel. Chrysler has been doing that for years.

  • J.D. Rios
    J.D. Rios

    Should have a woody version.

  • The Citiots
    The Citiots

    The glove box is cheap crap because passengers like to cross their legs and get shoe marks on their. My sierra gets beat up there. Maybe a nice finish would deter but I doubt it.

  • LDT waddawa
    LDT waddawa

    21:25 what the fuck is driving behind you :D


    You like 50% of ppl know. Nothing about diesels

  • Scott Jardine
    Scott Jardine

    2:40 doug the rapper over here

  • Practical And Tactical
    Practical And Tactical

    Interior wise, it’s a miss. For the money I would go Lincolns SUVs. The trim and model still comes in $30,000 less than an Escalade and you get more power. GM isn’t being innovative enough.

  • Dhol Qarnayn Abu Bakr
    Dhol Qarnayn Abu Bakr

    Doug's Wife: Honey, can you pass me the salt? Doug: Sure but before that make sure you check out CARS AND BIDS....

  • US Cars
    US Cars

    GMC Yukon "pignose"...

  • Kunwar Singh
    Kunwar Singh

    Denali "Duramax" sounds like a condom brand

  • Seroha guju
    Seroha guju

    That cord is not for a cigarette lighter that’s for the block heater cause it’s a diesel

  • matthewfuture

    * Octagons Sry

  • ӿꞶhiɀɀßᵰnꬶӿ

    That has to be the DUMBEST gear shifting setup ever! Does this thing come with a free box of Tampons?

  • Oompaloompa94

    This is why you are downright an idiot to buy anything from GM. Corner cutting all over the interior, can’t figure out how to include adaptive cruise as a standard feature like a base model Honda Civic for 21,000, and can’t be bothered to make their styling on the exterior differ much from any other brands they own. This design is a rebadged Tahoe. It’s literally the same design minus the lighting.

  • Crisss Sontay
    Crisss Sontay

    The wrong bestseller crucially enjoy because digestion meteorologically care plus a scientific bulldozer. immense, noisy animal

  • Demetri Harlan
    Demetri Harlan

    If I had the money I would buy that just to stash my Glock 34 and a few clips.

  • costafilh0


  • roy hammer
    roy hammer

    Manual shift would be like scene from disney despicable me where minions ask cavemen to slap the bear with fly spank

  • LimeLight

    Dear Doug, the rear view mirror is not a camera. Just a screen. Top kek

  • Lou Kolone
    Lou Kolone

    7:28 lmfao

  • Benjamin Dunnigan
    Benjamin Dunnigan

    Doug, two things. You reviewed the new Tahoe High Country very early, as in maybe the day they were released, certainly the first week. However, due to supply chain issues during the pandemic, the air-ride suspension was not available on the first few shipments of 2021 Tahoes/Burbans/Denalis etc. It is also why the Escalade came out a few months after the others. So my question is are you sure the Tahoe you reviewed had the air-ride suspension, and if not, because you mentioned thinking the Tahoe was a bit smoother than this vehicle, is there a chance the regular non-air ride system actually superior?

  • BlakeParker15

    It's nice, but there are WAY too many cheap materials and it lacks good design (the exterior is bland and interior is monotone and not worth the price tag). I wouldn't even think about getting this truck!

  • Marc Aureliu
    Marc Aureliu

    Most of my european friends drive diesel cars. I love diesel engines

  • That Audi Guy
    That Audi Guy

    I was excited about the diesel version and was in the market for 3rd row suv.. after being told by clueless dealers that diesel was not available and seeing the poor panel gaps, cheap materials, questionable build quality and absurd sticker price we decided on a palisade which has some features even this Denali is lacking and more than $30k cheaper.. I am baffled how someone can happily spend 80k on a product like this

  • Kubi Yoshi
    Kubi Yoshi

    No comments about the diesel? I thought Americans hate diesel engines while all the Europe is driving diesels even when they do only city driving.

    • Tarob Kabaalan
      Tarob Kabaalan

      because it's all in your head

  • Mladen Ilic
    Mladen Ilic

    just buy a minivan

  • Layla and Angelina Vids
    Layla and Angelina Vids

    But does it take DEF

  • Sam Toshner
    Sam Toshner

    "Mom let's go to McDonald's!" Mom: *reject back seat request*

  • Buddy305luv

    That hidden storage is not hidden anymore.

  • Go Getter
    Go Getter

    He said he owns 4 V8s while holding up 3 fingers 🤔

  • NoisyBoy

    Someone needs to explain this GT3 RS watering can joke to me…

  • Aaditya Pratap Singh
    Aaditya Pratap Singh

    I've only driven manual diesel cars, but from my own experience, they're harder to stall when driving off from a standstill, and their bottom-end torque, combined with the lower fuel consumption due to the diesel fuel's greater density make diesel engines slightly more practical to drive. Also, fuel economy in diesel engines is not as sensitive to driving style as in petrol/gasoline engines. The disadvantages would be the low redline (so they don't sound as nice as most petrol/gasoline engines), the slightly greater maintenance costs and oil change needs, along with exhaust fluid replenishment, the higher upfront purchase cost, and in the American context, greater taxes on automotive diesel fuel. They still deserve a chance, though.

  • Kian Garshasbi
    Kian Garshasbi

    I really like these new lineup for American suv's and trucks. I juat wish that they can bring back the 60s and 70s grace in sedans and coupes in near future. I'm a huge American cars fan

  • Gagan Goyal
    Gagan Goyal

    Hating the gear box, can’t be worse.

  • 1975lap

    Why is it when I show up at a job with my 2011 BMW X5 people look at me like... "Woah, look at this guy". But you show up in one of these people don't batt an eye?

  • bugalaman

    Diesel is terrible for the environment. Anyone who likes diesel hates the planet.

  • Winterstorm

    But Yukon, Tahoe and Escalade from 4:03 look identical from outside. Big ugly people carriers with a hood for some reason. Non-american probly can't guess which one is which on side comparison

  • Giuseppe Bray
    Giuseppe Bray

    Americans: wooooo a Diesel suv Europeans: oh just another Diesel suv

  • Isaac 84
    Isaac 84

    It's very rare that anyone is driving around with people sitting in the rear who nees access to your music and navigation system. Even family, the driver can simply pull over at a fast station and type in the navigation. I get annoyed when im driving and my passengers insist on changing the radio station or audio constantly. Ha!

    • Youtube Account
      Youtube Account

      Huh. I always let my kids DJ. It doesn't take an special features though, just pair their phones to the stereo.

  • Luis Zamudio
    Luis Zamudio

    Doug that is not an adapter it’s actually the block heater cord lol 😂

  • bdoleza

    This seems like a very niche vehicle to me. It would work great for someone who needs three rows on a regular basis, AND needs to periodically tow a trailer. For pretty much any other use case I feel like you'd be much better off with a Hyundai Palisade or a minivan. From the footage in this video of the interior, I see no hint or indication or hint of "luxury" here. If you throw $70K at a Genesis GV80, an X5, an X7 or even (God forbid) an Infiniti, I promise you will feel like you're in a luxury vehicle.

  • Dez Mitchell
    Dez Mitchell

    I saw the new Tahoe and Suburban in my neighborhood. They look great on video but are hideous in person

  • Mr. No Spark Plugz
    Mr. No Spark Plugz

    That diesel engine sounded pretty good lol

  • T. Huang
    T. Huang

    0:13 but 1:33 ... what?

  • swiper1818

    Hahaha! - why the hell do you have a GT3 RS watering can - very amusing means of testing capacity of the center console...!!! I've driven the previous V8 petrol version of this in Canada many times - great car for taking people skiing etc. Love the "flashes of brilliance and flashes of crap" comment - great review and very informative

  • 303sebas

    Hidden storage is for the glock lmao

  • brad618

    I am pretty sure that cord at 17:30 is the cord for the engine block heater. There would have to be a transformer on it to convert from 120VAC to 12VDC.

  • Spencer Hansen
    Spencer Hansen

    this is fucking sweeeeeet

  • Harry Gregory
    Harry Gregory

    when it idles it sounds like a peterbuilt semi

  • lfchau

    Holy hand talker

  • Deep Blue2
    Deep Blue2

    Doug the type of guy who bids on his own website and loses.

    • Jack D
      Jack D

      People are still making those stupid jokes. Who knew?

  • Adrian Shumate
    Adrian Shumate

    They are not good looking SUVs.

  • Lachlan S
    Lachlan S

    Thanks for starting to convert to L/100km

  • Tulder

    Diesel is back on the menu

  • John Perrin
    John Perrin

    Mercedes failed miserably with the diesel GL 350 and GM will fail even worse with it diesel. Very surprised a car manufacturer is building a new vehicle with Diesel engine.

  • D A
    D A

    6:50 great little joint pocket

  • Subrahmanya Hegde
    Subrahmanya Hegde

    Sponsored by GT3RS WATER CAN!

  • The journey of K&D
    The journey of K&D

    Oh hell no this is terrible that engine everything

  • Glenn O.
    Glenn O.

    why not put the duramax v8 in it as a range topper? lazy gm. at least dodge dares to try things

  • GC Lee
    GC Lee

    Ah the GT3 watering can

  • Everett Ozmun
    Everett Ozmun

    Adaptive cruise control was standard on my dads Honda Accord 😬

  • AeroSixWJ

    Personally, I like the diesel sound. To me it says “Pulling Power”. 🚙🚤

  • DaRandomGamer

    Do you only review cars in California and if not do you pay for your own travel fees?